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Joint Statement by Working People Association and Congress of Indonesia Unions Alliance Stop the Massacre of Palestinian People!

srop-warThe recent attacks on Gaza by the Israeli government could have been predicted with knowledge of the history of Zionism. A short history: on 25th January 2006 Hamas was elected to power in a democratic election of the Palestinian people, yet the Israeli government refused to recognize this democratic result. It refuses to turn over the Palestinian tax revenues and has deliberately blocked all trading with the Palestinian people living in shortage, alongside continuous violence to the Palestinian people, killing and wounding hundreds of innocent civilians. Various peace offers by Hamas, the Palestine Authority or the International Community have been rejected by the Israeli government.

This new operation – called Operation Cast Lead – has caused the death of more than 770 people and over 3250 people wounded, of whom around 200 killed are children. The Israeli attacks are claimed to be targeted against the Hamas center of activity but has destroyed hospitals, the Islamic University and hundreds of civilian homes. The Israeli government has even destroyed schools run by the United Nations, and killed a UN aids worker, injuring two others.

The atrocity of the attacks and the ignorance of any international calls for ceasefire cannot be understood separately from the full support of the George W. Bush regime, support which is clearly demonstrated by the US procedure to veto almost all UN Security Council resolutions against Israel. The US support is reinforced in the form of $3 billion USD annual aid since 1985, not to mention the billions of US dollars received in the form of military aid. Meanwhile a survey by Richard Cohen of the Washington Post stated that 60% of the Democrat Party’s fund and 35% for the Republican Party came from Political Action Committees that are pro-Israel.

Method of Struggle without Unity Only Giving Advantage to the Zionist Regime

In response to the violent Israeli attack on Gaza, Hamas retaliated with launching rockets into bordering Israel territory. In their statement, Hamas leader Mahmod Zahar, stated that Israel has legitimized the killing of Israeli children and people by the killing of Palestinians. Meanwhile other elite Palestinian leaders are breaking apart; Associated Press reported that Mahmod Abbas’s, the President of Palestine Fatah, on the first day of Israeli attack blamed Hamas for what happen. Abbas himself is facing demonstration from Palestinian people in the West Bank because they argue he is not giving a firm enough policy against the Israeli attack. In a demonstration in Ramallah on 2nd January 2009, several demonstrators waving Hamas flags were arrested by the Palestinian Authority. Any attempt to hold demonstrations at the Israel check point was aborted by the Palestinian Authority. A demonstration in the University of Bir Zeit on 6th January 2009 was dispersed by Palestinian Authority resulting in the injury of several students.

The Hamas rockets are intensifying Israeli propaganda that their attack is an act or retaliation to protect civilian, and importantly is also magnifying the support of Israeli people to the Zionist Regime. The rockets attacks are clearly careless and have killed and injured Israeli civilians that is also oppressed by Zionism and Capitalism in Israel. During 2003-2005, unemployment in Israel was more than 10% of the population and poverty is among 21%. The Israeli Zionist regime also implements a racialist policy toward Jewish immigrants coming from Ethiopia and Russia, along with budget cuts in education and pensions to redirect funds to building military power. In 2003 the Israeli government cut budgets for the Israeli people, among that is 0.5 billion NIS cut in education; 0.5 billion NIS in health; 0.3 billion NIS in public transportation; 0.8 billion in apartment subsidies, support for disable and unemployed. But in the other side, the Israeli government gives abundant money to capital ownership in Israel: tax reductions as big as 2.5 billion NIS to 10% of the wealthiest people in Israel and 1.5 billion NIS social insurance payment reductions for business. The aggression to Gaza is a stereotypical cover-up of the corruption cases by leader of Zionist regime like Ehud Olmert, Yitzak Rabin, Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak and Ariel Sharon.

The corrupt Zionist regime politics have also determined the development and role of Hamas in Palestine. Like Osama Bin Laden that in the beginning was supported by the US to fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan, but retaliated against the US on September 11, so Hamas was funded in the beginning directly and indirectly by Israel to play the role of counter balance for the growing PLO. After Hamas gained control of Gaza, raids of the office of Palestine Trade Union Federation were undertaken in an attempt to dismantle workers organizations. Hamas has also supported Egypt security forces in preventing Palestinian people from crossing the Egyptian border to get their basic needs. The support of Palestinian people for Hamas is based on the vacuum of a Palestinian movement leadership that are more progressive than Hamas or even Fatah and capable to fight against the Israeli Zionist Regime.

Other Arab nations, that always shouted alongside Indonesian fundamentalist movements as Muslim brothers, are in fact timidly in support of Israel and other Imperialist countries. The Egyptian government has long supported Israel by guarding their border with Gaza, the consequences of which leave Palestinian people living in Gaza with difficulties in fulfilling their basic needs. Meanwhile the League of Arab Nations can only make meeting after meeting without solving the Israeli attacks on Gaza. The Jordanian and Egyptian governments are continuing their normal diplomatic relationship with Israel.

The Bankruptcy of Indonesian Fundamentalist Movement, the Policy of Indonesia SBY’s Regime and Mass Media in Indonesia

Without full and objective understanding the fundamentalist movement in Indonesia is shouting to mobilize jihad to Palestine. By shaping the sentiment of Indonesian people that Israeli attacks were based on religious causes, the fundamentalist movement itself is not far different from Israeli Zionism. Zionism has a concept of “Promise Land” only for the Jewish people, and the concept to expel and eradicate the Palestinian people; the fundamentalist movement belief there are no rights for other religions, group, pro democratic movement, women’s movements or LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) etc. This is the same point of view that undermines humanity in both the Zionist and fundamentalist group.

The trivialization of the Indonesian people’s humane solidarity with Palestine can also be attributed to the fact that several important facts have been ignored by the Indonesian mass media, amongst others that there is a solidarity within Israeli and Palestinian people alike as shown by the demonstrations by thousand of Palestinian and Jewish people in Tel Aviv on Saturday, 3rd January 2009. This is not the first time, when Israeli government attacked Lebanon on 2006 many Jewish and Palestinian people together held a demonstration against the war in the heart of Zionist capital. This struggle is still going despite harassment from contra protests by the pro-Zionist movement.

Sending medical teams, doctors and humanitarian aid from the SBY regime is admittedly a good thing, but it is not enough. But only asking for a resolution from the UN Security Council or the General Assembly is a joke in international politics. History has shown that almost all UN Security Council resolutions against Israel will be veto by the US. The Indonesian government has to take an example from Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez; on 12 September 2008 Chavez sent away US Ambassador as solidarity to Morales, President of Bolivia, after a plot to overthrow Morales by the right wing group backed by US was revealed. On Tuesday, 7 January 2009, Chavez kick out the Israeli Ambassador after stating that Israeli President should be taken to the International Criminal Court and that the Israeli government is committing a holocaust.

With this background, the Working People Association and Congress of Indonesian Unions Alliance demands the:

1. End of Israeli Zionist government attack to the Palestinian people in Gaza and the rocket attack by Hamas.
2. End of Israeli Zionist government blockade and check point to the Palestinian people in Gaza and West Bank
3. Indonesian government has to take a decisive and brave policy toward the USA that through their veto and intervention in UN has contributed to the continued atrocity and brutal attacks by the Israeli government to the Palestinian people. The Indonesian government should put strong pressure on ending any diplomatic relationship with the US, in order to uphold our own constitutional mandate to preserve the world peace.
4. True solidarity is solidarity between people. For that there is a need to build a peoples solidarity front to fight against Zionism and Imperialism. We have to build solidarity on a struggle foundation to defend humanity like the one pioneered by joint action by Israeli and Palestinian people.
5. Genuine liberation against the arrogant Zionist regime needs a method of Arms Intifada that builds upon the popular participation of Palestinian people and support from International solidarity.

Genuine liberation for the Palestinian people from Zionism and Imperialism only can be materialized by the unity of working people, including Israeli working people.

Jakarta, 8 January 2009

Central Committee

Working People Association

Central Leadership

Congress of Indonesian Unions Alliance


Nining Elitos

Secretary General


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